July 23rd

Oh Crap!

So the party exits the temple of worth, inert artifact in hand. They are greeted again by the groups mysterious benefactor Schrecken. Schrecken effortlessly slew Sy, taking the artifact, and commented that evil would be given no quarter in the times ahead. The party not knowing Sy’s true intentions, and not wanting to suffer a similar fate, quietly buried Sy, and set out for a compound, and arrived there uneventfully after one day and nights travel.

Upon arriving in WAUSAU they were met by Scruff Mcgruff, Scruff told them that the most pressing issue that the PC’s could rectify was that a pack of ankeghs was consistently attacking and carrying off the outpost’s cattle. These burrowing acid spitting creatures would need to be dealt with and by someone competent. Scruff also introduced Shoktar to aid them on there quest. That night the party involved themselves in all manner of debauchery, got drunk, tried to pork the oracle.

The party woke up the next morning a little worse for the wear. They investigated the corral the next morning and set off in serch of more adventure and ankeghs. Led by the not so bright Shoktar the party had a hard time navigating the foothills, but were eventually alerted by the scream of a little girl, whose dog Todo had been abducted by an ankegh who was making his get away. the party followed the creature to a hillside in which point the burrowed tracks ended. Whilst poking around Varanon narrowly avoided falling into an underground tunnels of the ankeghs. Content Not Found: emorack takes the initiative to jump on in and was quickly grabbed by an ankegh while Varanon was extremely busy tying up the horses. The rest of the party quickly intervenes and dispatched the offending ankegh.



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