I cast charm person... and MAGIC MISSILE!!!


Level 4 LN Elf Wizard

HP: 27

AC: 14
Touch: 12
Flat-Footed: 12
CMD: 15

Fortitude: +1
Reflex: +3
Will: +6

Skill Modifier
Appraise 8
Disable Device -
Disguise 2
Linguistics 9
Perception 4
Sense Motive 2
Sleight of Hand -
Stealth 2
Knowledge: Arcana 9
Knowledge: Dungeoneering 9
Knowledge: Engineering 8
Knowledge: Geography 9
Knowledge: History 9
Knowledge: Local 9
Knowledge: Nature 10
Knowledge: Nobility 8
Knowledge: Religion 8
Knowledge: The Planes 8

Varanon was born in a small elven community tucked away in a remote forest. His childhood was unremarkable by any standard, and the isolation of his settlement left Varanon to wonder of the world beyond. When he came of age, Varanon was sent to a small wizards’ tower on a hill overlooking a bustling human village called Rutherton. More than a century prior, a group of brave humans from Rutherton banded together to save Varanon’s homeland from total obliteration at the hands of a mind-controlled goblin horde by slaying the powerful aboleth that controlled them. From that day forward, Varanon’s people have pledged their allegiance to the humans of Rutherton, constructing various camps in the forest surrounding Rutherton where young elves would learn the ways of combat. For five generations and counting, these elves and their instructors have repelled threats both big and small from the area, giving the students a grisly way to apply their lessons directly.

As a wizard’s apprentice, Varanon dabbled in all schools of magic, learning how each could be used to neutralize a threat. He learned to call small animals to distract and confuse his foes, how to shield himself from the blows of his enemies, and how to evoke force and energy to destroy his opponents. Varanon learned to especially appreciate the subtlety of enchantment, bewitching enemies with clever spells that turned even the staunchest allies into mortal enemies. His singular devotion to the school of enchantment led him to neglect his studies of divination and illusion magic, causing him to struggle to cast
even the most basic spell of those schools. The situation only worsened when a divination instructor caught Varanon sneaking into Rutherton to meet a female human he fancied. With a simple spell, the bemused instructor summoned the illusory image of a bloodthirsty ogre, the sight of which caused Varanon to soil himself and run back into the tower, straight into the hands of the tower’s disciplinary wizard.

Once Varanon had learned all that the wizards could teach him, he decided to strike out on his own. Some journey to sate their unquenchable wanderlust, driven to the furthest reaches by the compulsive need to experience all that they can. Others are called to adventure by the promise of glory and wealth, unswayed by the dangers that face them. Varanon, however, began his journey as a search for friendship. Throughout his unremarkable childhood and his apprenticeship, Varanon felt a distinct sense of loneliness, as if he could never quite connect with anyone else. Disenchanted by his fellow elves’ devotion to the defense of Rutherton and annoyed by the humans’ deferential attitude to their defenders, Varanon adventures to find a community in which he feels comfortable, accepted, and perhaps even valued for his grasp of magic and his charitable intent when using it. With no clear direction, Varanon is content to let his journey take him where it may.

Those who meet Varanon are surprised by how little he deviates from the stereotypical appearance of a forest-born elf. He stands about six feet tall with a slender body and blonde hair that falls to his shoulders. Dressed in the clothes of a scholar, primarily for lack of more suitable adventuring clothes, he has recently decided to seek out a decent tailor and acquire a set of robes commensurate to his status as a bona fide enchanter. Although Varanon fancies himself a friendly and amiable personality, his tendency to withdraw from commotion and his unreadable countenance make him difficult to approach. He carries himself with an air of elven dignity, holding his shoulders back and his head high. A closer observation of his person would reveal that two possessions, a particularly sturdy quarterstaff and a quaint silver locket, do not have nearly as thick of a dusty, grimy coat as the rest of his adventure-weary belongings.


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