Spellbooks, theft, and skeletons OH MY!

The party reaches town and spends the night in the most typical fashion imaginable. Varanon, finally able to control new abilities, finds a wizard that is willing to let him copy spells from. The two spend most of the evening going through the tome, picking and choosing what would be best to harness Varanon’s new abilities. Although, it seems a lesser being would be exhausted by the tedious copying, not Varanon. Always the level headed one, he heads to Scruff McGruff and uses his masculine wiles on him once again. As always, Scruff is happy to see Varanon, although we aren’t entirely sure what happens since their “discussions” always seem to happen in private. One could easily assume that these are ‘behind closed doors’ discussions. Scruff tells him of a cave nearby that needs investigation. Varanon then decides that the best course of action would be to tell his fellow party members who seem to hang out at the unofficial meeting place, the town Inn.

On the other side of town more sinister things are brewing. All the party members seem to have been able to perfect their new abilities, and in Auriah’s case this means new minions to command. She searches around and finds a cemetery, she isn’t sure how well her plan will work or not but she puts it into action. She summons Skelly, picks a grave that seems old, and they both begin to dig. When the coffin is open she starts to call upon the power of undeath. The skeleton, a female quickly named Skelemina, rises from her slumber. Auriah welcomes her new addition by offering her clothes to wear, and hopes that the villagers will not react too poorly to her new addition. Feeling more alive than ever, Auriah heads to the town Inn.

Emorak meanwhile has been doing his own thing in town. Finally able to find someone that knows how to make a sturdy trap, he is able to learn how to create his own. He spends part of the night learning, and in a way that it seems only he can, he incites a town wide party. No one is sure what they are celebrating, except for perhaps Emorak but he is not telling. Not only does Emorak start the festivities, he does so on his own dime. The towns people, who would never refuse a free drink, consume themselves into oblivion.

Varanon, and Auriah arrive at the party around the same time. Varanon tells the group about the mission that Scruff had given them and they all agree that this will be their next course of action, but of course not before they PARTY!! Even Shoktar partakes until he drunkenly passes out. It appears that the entire inn has drank until they couldn’t anymore, even the bar keep allowed himself to let loose. But things aren’t always as they appear.

Once the partiers seem to have all finally passed out, Auriah gets up (having feigned the entire drinking experience) and heads towards Emorak with only one thing on her mind, revenge. However, the rogue had different things on his mind that night, and had also feigned his drunkenness. Auriah hovers over Emorack and invites him to leave the inn to “go somewhere more private”. Shockingly, Emorack declines stating that he has “other plans to attend to”. Shocked and somewhat dismayed at this turn of events, Auriah gives up on her charms and implements plan B. She commands her skeleton minions to grab Emorak by the arms while she stifles his screams. Once the struggle has stopped, she tells Emorak to go with her plans and to trust her, going against his better judgement he does so. Auriah shackles him and lets him know that “This is how we party where I am from”. She commands him to walk outside, when he refuses, she drags him out of the inn.

Outside, she finds a post in the wall and commands the minions to hold him there while she gags him and ties him to the post. Scared, but a tad..um excited..Emorak awaits his fate. Auriah pulls a dagger from her thigh holster and begins to cut his clothes off. Sad that he wasn’t able to excute his plans, but not entirely upset at his new situation Emorak prepares himself for the night of his dreams. Once Auriah has finished getting him naked, she takes the key to the manacles and ties it around Emorak’s neck. She then crafts two signs one saying “Do not mess with a lady while she is in her chambers” and the other one saying “Let ye who take pity on a fool, free him from his manacles”. She then tells Emorak “next time I will not be so kind” as she heads back to the inn, feeling smug.

Emorak, however is not the kind of man that can be held by such childish restraints. Nor is he the kind of man to take a subtle hint, he escapes his bonds easily and heads toward the inn to make his night one of the best in his life. Now Emorak is a man but he is first an opportunist. He believes that the opportunity of drunken party goers should not be wasted, and that matters of the heart need to be balanced with those of the pocket book. He quickly lifts only most important goods from the wasted towns people and heads upstairs to complete his night. He finds Auriah sleeping, and he gently leans over her bed and says “Let’s finish what you started”. Exhausted, and utterly dumbfounded at the sheer inconceivability of Emorak’s inability to understand basic communication, Auriah simply lies and tells him that she will be down shortly. As Emorak leaves, she commands her minions to guard the door as she gets some rest. Emorak takes this time to appraise his new found goods, not to be off put by a bit of time passing he heads to Auriah’s room once again. He turns back however, when two hissing skeletons greet him.

Finally, the group gets some rest and they head off in direction of the cave.

July 28th

With the entrance to the ankheg nest cleared of any threats, the party carefully advances into the goo-lined tunnel. Soon, the tunnel opens into a large cave, where Shoktar spots an unusually large clump of sticky angkheg refuse. Further examination reveals that the clump is actually an unconscious half-elf covered in scrapes and burns that only an ankheg could inflict. The only part of his body that seems to have held up against the ankheg mauling is his curious wooden leg and his eye patch. The party takes pity on the poor soul, prying him loose with a combined effort and taking him out of the cave so that Auriah could use her healing magic in peace. Ever cautious, the party decides to tie up the half-elf in the off chance that he is actually an evil necromancer in peasant’s clothing.

It doesn’t take long before the half-elf regains consciousness, surrounded by a motley crew of strange faces. After he gets his bearings and realizes he is bound, he quickly explains that his name is Davy and that he was frolicking in the plains as well as his peg-leg allowed when suddenly a wild ankheg appeared. Utterly stunned by the foul beast, Davy could muster no defense and was quickly knocked out by its fierce onslaught. While Emorak and Varanon saw no harm in untying Davy, Auriah remained cautious. Her worries are eased when Davy agrees to help the party eliminate the ankheg infestation, motivated partially by vengeance and partially for lack of a better course of action to take.

The party decides to set up camp so that they can finish their extermination mission in the light of day. Shoktar chivalrously offers to take Auriah’s watch and the party does not ask Davy to exhaust himself given his beat-up state, so only Shoktar, Emorak, and Varanon are tasked with protecting the camp during the night. While Shoktar’s watch comes and goes uneventfully, Emorak hears the skittering sounds during his watch and wakes the party. Even though they are groggy and taken by surprise, the party easily dispatches three ankhegs, lessening the amount of work they will have to do in the morning. The party drifts back to sleep.

Emorak’s watch comes to an end soon thereafter. While most adventurers would see this as an opportunity to rest and prepare for the coming day’s journey, Emorak sees the opportunity to find the answer to a question that has haunted him since he first laid eyes on Auriah. Emorak hurriedly walks around the camp to make sure that the rest of his party is fast asleep, and once the coast is clear, he deftly unties the ropes holding Auriah’s tent closed and slips in. Sweat drips from his brow and his hands shake with giddy anticipation as he… CENSORED FOR DECENCY

Varanon wakes up for his watch, and it does not take long for him to notice that Emorak is missing and that Auriah’s tent is wide open. Fearing the worst, he peeks in and sees Emorak passed out next to Auriah. Varanon angrily shakes Emorak awake and begins to cast a spell, and with no way of knowing what horrible spell Varanon is casting, Emorak tackles him to the ground and pins his arms. The noise quickly wakes the rest of the party to the unusual sight of the quiet wizard wrestled to the ground by his erstwhile friend. Varanon and Emorak call out to the rest of the party in at least three different languages, trying to solicit help, but the dim-witted Shoktar does not know what to believe and Davy does not feel comfortable getting in the middle of two strangers’ conflict.

Auriah, however, realizes that something out of the ordinary has happened, and demands to know what is actually up. Her eyes glow with wrath and her hands glow with dark magic; upon seeing this horrifying display, Emorak and Varanon agree to play off the situation as one of no consequence. Despite Auriah’s intense suspicion, Varanon manages to allay her anger, and the party retires once again to get the last bit of rest before morning.

Within a few hours, the party is ready to delve deeper into the ankheg tunnels. Shoktar excitedly shows Auriah an obscured tunnel that he noticed the night before, and the party carefully creeps in that direction. They come upon a steep slope of dirt that leads into an even gooier set of tunnels, so they descend the slope and quickly become confused by the labyrinth-like maze ahead of them. Davy, eager to show his new friends that he can be of use, casts a spell that imitates the sound of five ankhegs hissing in unison. Unfortunately, the sound Davy conjures proves to be intensely irresistible and alluring for the ankhegs: the party hears skittering coming from each of the tunnels and prepares for combat.

The ankhegs fight ferociously, spitting acid and delivering painful bites, but the party prevails. No sooner than the last ankheg is killed, a cute little dog runs into the midst of the party. The party recognizes the dog as none other than Toto and scoops him up along with the sundry items that they discover scattered on the ground. With Toto in tow and the ankheg nest cleared, the party rides back to Wausau, seeing no sign of the little girl’s house on the way. In Wausau, Scruff McGruff thanks the party for their work by offering them another task.

July 23rd
Oh Crap!

So the party exits the temple of worth, inert artifact in hand. They are greeted again by the groups mysterious benefactor Schrecken. Schrecken effortlessly slew Sy, taking the artifact, and commented that evil would be given no quarter in the times ahead. The party not knowing Sy’s true intentions, and not wanting to suffer a similar fate, quietly buried Sy, and set out for a compound, and arrived there uneventfully after one day and nights travel.

Upon arriving in WAUSAU they were met by Scruff Mcgruff, Scruff told them that the most pressing issue that the PC’s could rectify was that a pack of ankeghs was consistently attacking and carrying off the outpost’s cattle. These burrowing acid spitting creatures would need to be dealt with and by someone competent. Scruff also introduced Shoktar to aid them on there quest. That night the party involved themselves in all manner of debauchery, got drunk, tried to pork the oracle.

The party woke up the next morning a little worse for the wear. They investigated the corral the next morning and set off in serch of more adventure and ankeghs. Led by the not so bright Shoktar the party had a hard time navigating the foothills, but were eventually alerted by the scream of a little girl, whose dog Todo had been abducted by an ankegh who was making his get away. the party followed the creature to a hillside in which point the burrowed tracks ended. Whilst poking around Varanon narrowly avoided falling into an underground tunnels of the ankeghs. Content Not Found: emorack takes the initiative to jump on in and was quickly grabbed by an ankegh while Varanon was extremely busy tying up the horses. The rest of the party quickly intervenes and dispatched the offending ankegh.
Opening Night
Well thats an attack roll.

The newly formed group who was conscripted by a mysterious old man in a bar set off into the wilderness to find the mysterious Schrecken. Upon making camp and finding a magical cat poking around the campsite. The next morning the party finds Schrecken and he leads them to a rocky outcropping and using some blood opens a portal to the TEMPLE OF WORTH. Schrecken tasks the party with returning the artifact to him. The party makes short work of the temples defenses. (If almost 4 days is short ;D) and return with a smokey mirror complete with powerful creature carvings, and exits the Temple.


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